Innovation Wave

a leading technological solution for innovation process management - from generating ideas to concept evaluation and selection, with a methodology adapted accordingly for community engagement.

Do you know that...
of companies have implemented open innovation programs globally...
..and only
of them achieve significant results
Why are we successful?

Thanks to our experience gained from over 100 projects involving employee communities across various industries, groups of experts and urban residents, EY Crowdsourcing is the best partner to support you with:

an effective process to generate ideas

evaluating them by applying tried-and-true methods and creating a business case with the support of a dedicated innovation process management tool

creating new products and services

optimizing processes, improving customer experience or searching for breakthrough innovations

accelerating the innovation process

through efficient identification of growth and business opportunities and also mitigating risk

an increase in employee engagement

and motivation

driving cultural change in your organization

promoting a culture of openness and knowledge sharing and breaking down silos

the active inclusion of employees

and your organizations wider ecosystem: business partners, universities or start-ups

from ideas to projects - the process

Our programs support the entire process of creating solutions - from gathering ideas via the crowdsourcing model, through analysis and selection, to projects ready for implementation.

1 Generating ideas

Involve employees in large-scale brainstorming, giving them the opportunity to submit ideas, co-create solutions, comment, discuss, create interest groups, vote or express their interest in participating in the implementation of the most interesting ideas.

2 Evaluation and selection

The evaluation of many ideas requires time and dedicated subject matter experts who will make decisions efficiently. Our platform’s smart semantics engine enables you to cluster similar ideas, reducing time required to browse through numerous ideas. The platform offers a variety of methods to assess ideas in line with the issued challenge, and the evaluation team uses tools like Spider Chart, SWOT or Value Assessment methods that support effective assessment of ideas based on established criteria and their importance to evaluate each idea’s potential of each idea in the most precise and coherent way.

3 Idea implementation

Transform ideas into results. An efficient innovation process is one that includes measurable outcomes. Various platform functionalities allow you to turn ideas into concepts and then into projects ready for implementation. Depending on your needs, the programs we implement are integrated with existing processes in the company, increasing their effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

Verified methodology

We adapt our methodology to build dedicated programs tailored to your purpose, culture or organization's readiness to implement open innovation.

Research maturity of innovation culture
Translate business problems and needs into challenges
Idea generation based on different innovative thinking methods (online and offline)
Evaluation and selection
Solution development
Teach your employees innovative thinking

Innovation is not a matter of coincidence but an targeted, planned process of searching for new ideas using specific, selected methods. On the platform, we support participants in developing innovative ideas using proven schemes. We encourage the community to engage in various projects and to practice to make innovation a daily habit. Innovation is within everyone's reach if they use the right tools and methods.

Leading technology

EY CogniStreamer is a leading platform recommended by Forrester to support the innovation management process in an organization ( i.e. idea management software).

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